Service and good mood


An oasis in the city

In 2014, Claus Brunse became hotel manager at Hotel Lautrup Park and had one mission for the place: to create space for all the senses.
Good smells from a well-functioning kitchen, nice music in your ears and well thought-out decor that is also beautiful to the eye.

"You should feel at home, even if you are out, when you visit our hotel."

Service has top priority

Whether you are guests at a big party, concentrating on a meeting, holding a corporate event or enjoying a dinner for two – it is important to us that you always feel comfortable during your stay.
At Hotel Lautrup Park we do everything to ensure that you get the full experience of our service, as we live and breathe for our customers to be satisfied.

Room for the good mood

It is important that colleagues enjoy their jobs at the hotel. We therefore regularly organise internal workshops and events precisely to strengthen the good fellowship, as it rubs off on our mood.
This is felt by the customers we serve.

The good well-being strengthens the community.

Sustainable inventory

At Hotel Lautrup Park we enjoy decorating to create a cosy atmosphere and present. That’s why we’re constantly working on exciting building projects in sustainable materials. Partly because it creates the right atmosphere, but also because we can see the value in recycling.
In collaboration with Genbyg på Amager, we have found old floorboards from a building at the Royal Theatre. The boards have been treated, processed and recycled to design the beautiful and rustic tables in our restaurant.

Cosy recycling

All the tables in our atmospheric wine bar are made of recycled planks from Copenhagen’s Frihavn. The planks were previously used as flooring in one of the last original warehouses in the port. All tables are designed and handmade in the old craft tradition – also because we are very committed to the good recycling of beautiful materials, which reinforces our mission to create sustainable and cosy environments.

Recycling is our strength

Seeing the possibilities for beautiful interiors in recyclable materials is very important to us.
Many of our conference tables are handmade from scratch using recycled materials – and finished to look inviting and exclusive.
“Service, atmosphere and quality are my clear focus areas to ensure that our guests thrive when they visit our hotel. Everything should smell a bit like ‘home baking’. This applies to the food we prepare, the interiors we make ourselves from recycled materials and the service we provide to our guests.”

Claus Brunse, Managing Director, Hotel Lautrup Park